Days of our Lives Spoilers: May 2-6, 2022

This week on Days of Our Lives, lines are drawn, Eli wakes up and the baby’s on his way! Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of May 2, 2022 on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Promo Recap: Leo puts Sonny and Chad on notice, Paulina isn’t going to let Johnny back in Chanel’s life that easy, Jack, Jennifer and Abigail confront Gwen, Eli wakes up and Ciara goes into labor with only a possessed Allie to help her!

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Leo Seeks to Settle the Score

Leo blames Sonny and Chad for destroying his wedding to Craig and vows revenge on the duo. He later goes to see Craig and lays himself bare in the hopes of a reconciliation but even though Craig believes they truly love each other he ends things because he can’t trust Leo. Meanwhile Chad regrets not taking Leo’s threats seriously when Leo puts his revenge plan into action. Sonny tries to keep Chad calm but later hears from Leo himself that he’s not done with them quit yet!

More Days of Our Lives Spoilers:

  • A frantic Ben and Jake seek Marlena’s help to find Ciara and Ben asks Susan to help him get a message to her.
  • Possessed Allie attempts to keep Ciara from her loved ones while keeping her in the dark and then helps deliver the baby when Ciara goes into labor 
  • Jennifer is horrified when Abigail reveals what Gwen whispered to her at the wedding and then her, Jack and Abigail demand the truth from Gwen.
  • Chad is furious over Leo’s shocking article.
  • Tensions rise between TR and Abe over Paulina.
  • Johnny tries to connect with his twin sister.

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