Dalgliesh Season 2: Premiere Date and Where to Watch

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Picture shows: Adam Dalgliesh (BERTIE CARVEL). Photographer: Christopher Barr

If you loved the first season of Dalgliesh, you’re probably wondering: When does Season 2 of Dalgliesh premiere? And where can I watch it?

Although Dalgliesh’s season 2 hasn’t been officially announced, we do have some good news to share. 

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Bertie Carvel as Inspector Adam Dalgliesh

In case you’re not familiar with it, Dalgliesh is a British mystery series based on the classic Inspector Dalgliesh book series by P.D. James.

Inspector Adam Dalgliesh is a private, poetry-writing detective at New Scotland Yard in London. Using his unique insight, he investigates a variety of dark and complex crimes in mid-1970s England (the books begin in the 60s, so it’s slightly different). Along the way, he struggles with his own personal tragedies – namely, the loss of his wife.

If you haven’t already seen the first season of Dalgliesh, you can watch it HERE

The incredibly talented Bertie Carvel (Doctor Foster, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell) stars as the titular character. We had a chance to chat with Mr Carvel prior to the release of the first season, and it’s clear he both loves and respects the role.

Other Dalgliesh cast members from season 1 include Jeremy Irvine, Siobhán Cullen, Mirren Mack, Paul Mallon, and Natasha Little. 

Dalgliesh, Season 1 

Although an official announcement hasn’t been made, paid casting sites show Dalgliesh season 2 to be in pre-production. Shooting is slated to start in June 2022, and casting will be either in-progress or finished by the time you read this.

Dalgliesh season 2 will be produced by New Pictures Production. Like season 1, it’s expected to premiere on Channel 5 in the UK and Acorn TV in the United States. At this stage, it’s too early to have dates – but we’ll update this when we know more.

Season 1 of Dalgliesh had six 45-minute episodes (or three feature-length episodes, depending on how you look at it). It’s probably safe to assume season 2 of Dalgliesh will have around the same number of episodes, but some shows do increase or decrease the number of episodes based on audience reception and schedule/budgetary challenges.

New Pictures secured the right to adapt P.D James’ Inspector Dalgliesh novels. The first season adapted the novels Shroud for a Nightingale, The Black Tower, and A Taste for Death.

Given that Dalgliesh has plenty of source material to work with, we hope to see many seasons in the future.

Roy Marsden in the earlier Dalgliesh adaptation.

Fans may know – there was an older Dalgliesh TV series initially starring Roy Marsden (Vanity Fair) starting in 1983. 

The BBC took over the series in 2003, with Martin Shaw (Inspector George Gently) taking over the leading role. 

Five Dalgliesh novels have also been dramatised as a BBC radio show between 1993-2010. 

If you’ve never read P.D. James’ novels, they’re definitely worth a read – because frankly, no matter HOW good the TV adaptation, the books are nearly always longer, richer, and more representative of the author’s original vision. 

Below, we’ve listed all the Dalgliesh books in order + links to get them on either Amazon or Bookshop.org. On Amazon, you can select from the various available formats, while Bookshop focuses a bit more on print editions (and they donate money to independent bookshops, which is especially important after the tough lockdown years). 

We’re certainly excited to see more Bertie Carvel as Inspector Dalgliesh. With the amount of material to work with and the promising start to the series, we’re hopeful we’ll eventually see all the books translated to screen.

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