Darius Cooks Told Us That He Isn’t Deliberately Doxing His Haters — “People Send It To Me” (Exclusive)

Darius Cooks Told Us That He Isn’t Deliberately Doxing His Haters — “People Send It To Me” (Exclusive)

Chef Darius Williams AKA “Darius Cooks” has attracted a plethora of complaints about his business practices online. The accusations range from swindling his cookbook and kitchenware customers, to running an illegal credit repair business, to posting the images of people’s children publicly. Chile, the temp is high in the kitchen – but is the influential chef able to stand the heat?!

Justin Carter finds out in his latest TSR Investigates exclusive. Carter had the chance to interview Darius and a handful of people who say he’s either doxed them or witnessed him practice shady business.

Darius Cooks Addressing Doxing Accusations

Danielle Holland is just one of several Black women who accused the entrepreneur of doxing her and exposing personal photos of her family to his followers online. Holland said Darius shared the photos to be vicious while claiming to have her address and social security number. Darius refused to fess up to doxing Holland, shifting blame to his supporters.

“I posted, ‘ya’ll say hey to Danielle Holland,’ once I did that, she went back she deleted tweets, she put her profile on private. And then it was ‘oh my god I can’t believe he’s doing this to me. He’s doxing me.’”

Carter wanted to know how Darius got ahold of the personal information of the people who criticized his business practices online. He again, says it was sent to him.

“I do actually have the background checks of the people. I’m not lying about the fact that I have it. I didn’t run it myself. I don’t even have her personal information to run. How do I know where she lives, how do I know her address, how do I know her social? How would I know any of that? But people did send it to me.”

Interesting. Darius also addresses his allegedly scammy credit repair business with Carter.

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