Mint Mobile Now Offers Family Plans

Mint Mobile, the wireless provider owned by Ryan Reynolds, is adding a new option on Tuesday: family plans. Available across its portfolio of plans, the option will allow for those who use its service to be able to have one account manage multiple lines as opposed to needing individual accounts for each person’s phone. 

While the company isn’t offering any specific discount for adding more lines, it does allow those on a family plan to purchase additional months of service at discounted rates. The prepaid carrier offers the ability to buy service in three, six or 12-month increments with rates changing depending on how long you’re willing to commit. 

A perk of the family plan, the company says, is that you will be able to take advantage of its annual pricing but with the ability to purchase in three-month increments as opposed to laying a year’s worth of payment in one shot. 

Mint says you only need to have two lines to be eligible for creating its “modern family plan,” and caps the number of lines you can have on an account at five. 

The carrier is expanding the option across its entire line of plans, and each line doesn’t need to have the same plan. Mint’s cheapest monthly plan (on 12-month pricing) starts at $15 per month, per line for 4GB of high-speed data and goes up to $30 per month, per line for its unlimited data plan. As with recent family plans from Verizon and AT&T, you could have one member on the cheapest 4GB option and another on unlimited.

All of the carrier’s plans include unlimited talk and text and can run on 4G LTE or 5G on T-Mobile’s network.

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