Apple Watch SE 2 leak reveals reasons to be excited about

Apple Watch, ever since the first model was introduced, has really been the gold standard of smartwatches. The seamless integration it provides with the Apple ecosystem, best-in-class health-tracking features, and the OLED display have been some of the standout factors. However, its price has always been on the higher side (unless you go and grab a deal) and is one of the reasons why a lot of people tend to opt for budget smartwatches from other companies.

To expand the reach of its smartwatch to more and more people, Apple introduced a low-cost edition of the Apple Watch in 2020. Called Apple Watch SE, this variant offers a lot for its price: an OLED display, always-on altimeter, fifth-generation S5 processor, optical heart rate sensor with irregular heart rhythm monitoring, and a lot of other features.


It’s 2022, and Apple is rumored to be working on the second-generation Apple Watch SE for launch later this year. A new report from iDropNews (via Screen Rant) has now revealed some of the features that we can expect from the upcoming Apple Watch SE 2. According to the leaker, Apple will unveil the second-gen Apple Watch SE alongside the Series 8 at its September event.

What the Apple Watch SE 2 could offer

Apple Watch Series 7 in Stainless Steel Source: Apple

Starting off with the design, the leaker claims that Apple Watch SE 2 will come with the same design as the current-gen special edition smartwatch. If you’re hoping for a design upgrade, “forget about it,” says the leaker. They claim that the Watch SE 2 will look identical to the 2020 edition, with the company offering the smartwatch in the same two variants: 40mm and 44mm with aluminum casing only. There will be no 41mm and 45mm variants like the Series 7.

However, unlike the design, the display could be getting one huge upgrade. The leaker claims that the Apple Watch SE 2 will come with an always-on display. The 2020 edition Apple Watch SE doesn’t support the always-on display mode, and you need to uplift your arm to wake up the display. The leak from iDropNews suggests that Apple Watch SE 2 will come with an LTPO OLED panel allowing the company to offer an always-on display on the budget smartwatch. The Watch SE 2 could be Apple’s first smartwatch to offer an always-on display.

In addition to the massive display upgrade, the smartwatch could also come equipped with the same S7 chipset as the Apple Watch Series 7. The new Apple S7 chipset would bring substantial performance upgrades over the previous generation Apple Watch SE, which comes with the same chipset as the Apple Watch Series 5. In addition to the better chipset, the Watch SE 2 could also offer better audio output.

Apple Watch SE in Gold

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE is the latest affordable smartwatch from the Cupertino-based company. If you’re looking for a reliable companion for your iPhone that will help you keep a track of your fitness, answer and make calls, monitor your heart rate, and do a lot more, then Apple Watch SE is the one for you. Check out all the deals on the device using the links given below.

Finally, talking about the price, the leak claims that Apple will offer the new Watch SE (2022) at a slightly higher price than the last generation. According to the rumor, Apple Watch SE 2 will start at $299 — a $20 increase over the current model. In case the leak turns out to be true, and Apple ships the Watch SE 2 with all of the features mentioned above, the price trade-off would seem quite fair.

Other upgrades we would like to see

Apple Watch Series 7 Featured Image Heart rate monitor display Source: Apple Watch Series 7

Even though the history tells us that Apple intentionally removes some features from the “SE” models in order to keep its price low (and to urge the customer to upgrade to the costlier model), the report claims that Apple “wants to nail this [year’s] Apple Watch SE,”. The report from iDropNews suggests that the Apple Watch SE 2 will be getting some huge upgrades over the last generation. In addition to these features, here are some upgrades we expect from the next-gen Apple Watch SE:

  • ECG and Blood Oxygen Monitoring: ECG and Blood Oxygen Monitoring have become essential health tracking features that we expect to be available across all the variants of Apple Watch models, especially in 2022. The report claims that the 2022 Apple Watch SE would come with some sort of ECG. However, it’s not confirmed as of now.

  • Fast charging: The Apple Watch SE 2 is said to come with the same battery life as the last-generation 2020 edition. Even though the battery life is (supposedly) going to remain the same, we hope Apple Watch SE 2022 picks up support for fast charging from the Apple Watch Series 7.

  • Ultra Wide Band support: Apple has been adding support for Ultra Wide Band to its devices in the past few years. However, the last-generation Apple Watch SE missed out on this feature. We hope Apple adds the U1 chip to Apple Watch SE 2 not only to future-proof it but also as UWB brings support for a number of useful features, such as locating the device accurately in the Find My app, using it to Handoff audio to HomePod, and more.

  • IPX6 Rating: The Apple Watch Series 7 comes with IP6X dust resistance and WR50 water rating. We hope that the Apple Watch SE 2 also comes with the same amount of durability, especially when smartwatches from other manufacturers that are priced below the rumored $299 price tag offer it.

What are your expectations from the Apple Watch SE 2? What features do you expect from it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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