Christine Quinn Left the Oppenheim Group to Do Real Estate Crypto Stuff

Imagine that it’s 1999. You’re selling your house. Someone approaches you with a duffel bag of Beanie Babies as their offer. You make the sale.

According to some, that is the general spirit of what Christine Quinn would rather do than continue with the Oppenheim Group.

The Selling Sunset star has left that realty brokerage firm out of a desire to incorporate cryptocurrency into the real estate business.

Does this mean the end of her reality TV career?

On the season finale of Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn’s status appeared to be in limbo.

She had been caught (allegedly) trying to poach clients from Emma Hernan, who had replaced her for just one week while she was on maternity leave.

She was summoned to account for her supposed actions … but ghosted her bosses.

Christine Quinn 22 April 2022 tweet - Selling Sunset fake storylines

Now, Christine has claimed that this storyline was manufactured (at least, she has strongly implied it).

But she made that allegation on Twitter — as she apparently couldn’t make it to the Reunion taping for the show’s very first Reunion special.

Supposedly, she was sick, but … too sick to make a video call? That’s either a serious illness, or an indication that something was afoot.

Christine Quinn selling sunset header crop

Well, spoilers abound, because an inside source has confirmed to Us Weekly that Christine is done with the Oppenheim Group.

“It was Christine’s decision to leave the Oppenheim Group,” the insider claims.

Sure enough, Christine’s bio was quietly removed from the brokerage’s site — and we just checked, so it hasn’t been restored to the site.

Christine Quinn on Air

Apparently, this is about more than clashing with Jason and Brett about what she did or didn’t do to undercut a colleague.

Instead, Christine is allegedly frustrated with the Oppenheim Group’s very cautious, well-reasoned reluctance to delve into a new venture.

The firm isn’t using cryptocurrency, an alternative and extremely volatile speculative currency linked to numerous scams, when making deals.

Christine Quinn on Selling Sunset

“A lot of brokerages are very wary about accepting crypto because they don’t understand the inner workings of it,” Christine claimed.

“So,” she said, “that’s why it’s very difficult for agents to do these transactions.”

There is a common trend among those pushing for widespread cryptocurrency use of suggesting that critics (or any non-adopters) simply do not “understand.”

Christine Quinn on Instagram

Christine said to Forbes: “A) the brokers don’t know anything about crypto; B) don’t know how to do it; and C) don’t understand how reliable and how safe it actually is.”

She continued: “The process that RealOpen [the company she cofounded with her husband] uses is absolutely reliable and fool-proof.”

What’s not foolproof, of course, is the often-changing value of cryptocurrency. Thus, the Beanie Babies analogy.

Christine Quinn Photograph

What’s interesting here is that Selling Sunset isn’t over — the show is already greenlit for another two seasons.

(Weird that Netflix just canceled a slew of beloved projects, in some cases after months of poaching talented creatives, but some shows are greenlit for multiple seasons in advance)

Christine has exited, Chrishell has broken up with Jason, AND Mary Fitzgerald received a promotion. There’s no telling what this show’s dynamics could end up being.

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