How to get the Eaglestrike and Rakshasa armor cores in Halo Infinite

Rakshasa and Eaglestrike armor cores are new to Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer mode during Season 2 Lone Wolves.

These unique armor sets are purely cosmetic, so they won’t give you a combat advantage in regular or ranked matches.

Below you can find out exactly how to get both the Rakshasa armor and Eaglestrike armor in Halo Infinite.

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How to get the Rakshasa armor in Halo Infinite

The Rakshasa armor set is free as part of the Halo Infinite Season 2 Lone Wolves battle pass. Season 2 runs until November, but you can still swap to its battle pass at any time.

To swap a battle pass in Halo Infinite, go to the challenges and battle pass submenu in the top right hand corner of the multiplayer section. Select ‘Switch Battle Pass’ and then ‘Equip’ on the season you wish to switch to.

How to swap between battle passes.

Once you have the Season 2 battle pass equipped, any XP you earn across all multiplayer modes will count toward unlocking rewards on its battle pass.

To get the Rakshasa armor set in Halo Infinite you need to reach Level 8 on the Season 2 battle pass. Complete as many daily and weekly challenges as you can to earn enough XP toward unlocking the free Rakshasa armor.

Halo Infinite Season 2 has arrived, bringing with it Eaglestrike and Rakshasa armor sets!

Until then, in multiplayer, we can help with completing weekly challenges,

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including those for the commando rifle, fusion coil and a killing spree.

If you’re looking to step up the challenge, then Halo Infinite’s ranking system is waiting.

How to get the Eaglestrike armor in Halo Infinite

To get the Eaglestrike armor set in Halo Infinite, you must take part in the free Fracture Entrenched event during Season 2. However, unlike the Rakshasa armor set, Fracture Entrenched is a timed event with an end date.

The first week of Fracture Entrenched will run from Tuesday, 24th May to Monday, 30th May in 2022. The previous Fracture Tenrai event came back for five more weeks after its first event period, so we expect something similar will happen with Fracture Entrenched.

Similar to the ‘main’ battle pass, there will be an event-specific pass for Entrenched which will require you to unlock a number of tiers to unlock and customise the Eaglestrike armor.

You must complete challenges specific to that Fracture event pass to earn XP toward unlocking the Eaglestrike armor. These challenges will be marked with a different color in the challenges section.

Good luck unlocking the Rakshasa and Eaglestrike armor sets in Halo Infinite!

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