Jamie Otis writes heartfelt post to late son on National Bereaved Mothers’ Day

Jamie Otis writes a touching post in remembrance of her son. Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

Jamie Otis has been very transparent about her first pregnancy and the loss of her infant son Jonathan.

The MAFS veteran and her husband, Doug Hehner, lost their son in 2016, and Jamie makes sure to always keep her son in her memory.

For National Bereaved Mother’s Day, Jamie paid another heartfelt tribute to her son, Jonathan. 

Jamie Otis shows love to her son and reveals the signs he gives her 

Jamie Otis took to Instagram to share a video compilation that paid tribute to her angel baby.

The video included photos and videos of Jamie’s pregnancy, losing their child, and honoring his memory after the tragic loss. 

Jamie’s heartfelt caption began by saying, “He’ll always be my baby, my first born.❤️ Our guardian Angel above.👼🏼💙”

The MAFS Season 1 star then spoke to Jonathan directly in her caption, writing, “Johnathan, the day I held you in my arms I promised you I’d never forget about you and I’d never let anyone else forget you either.❤️ Your life may have been short, but it mattered.😭🙏🏼 There are so many days I wonder if I could’ve done something – *anything* – differently. I guess those thoughts will never go away.”

Jamie shared how her son appears to send signs of his presence. 

She wrote, “Sweet boy, thank you for *still* giving me signs that you are here with us. It’s the random rainbows above (there was no rain the day we woke up and saw that rainbow on this rv trip we are on).🌈 We had seen a mommy bunny with her babies while on a walk the night before I delivered you — and then the next day was the last time we held you, but it hasn’t been the last time we’ve seen you.🤰🏼👼🏼💙 Since then, I see you in every bunny I see.🐰” 

Jamie continued, “I never really believed in this kind of thing – a spirit being in heaven but also here on earth with you – but you’ve made me a believer bc I can *feel* you with me. And when I begin to doubt, you show up in another way to let me know you really are here with us.🙏🏼🥲” 

Jamie Otis is dedicated to honoring Jonathan for the rest of her life 

Jamie concluded her post by declaring her commitment to honoring Jonathan.  

Jamie wrote, “Today is national #bereavedmother day which for me is just an excuse to share about you and remind you (and anyone who will listen) that YOU are so loved and I will spend the rest of my life honoring your short one.🤱🏼” 

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