Kanye West bought an intimate video for Kim Kardashian

Kanye West bought an intimate video for Kim Kardashian .
In a reality show about the family, Kim Kardashian showed an episode of her meeting with ex-husband Kanye West. He came to the ex-lover directly from the airport to give a suitcase with digital media, which allegedly contained a scandalous intimate video of the model.

Kim Kardashian was touched by the act of their ex-husband. Kanye bought the media from the star’s ex-boyfriend, Ray Jay. Kardashian was blackmailed, threatening to release a spicy video.

Kanye West’s debut appearance on the new family reality show drew cheers from Kim’s friends and family gathered in her hotel room. Everyone watched as Kim unzipped the bag that her ex-husband handed over to her and said with tears in her eyes, “He gave me back all the intimate tapes.”

The new series of “Kardashians” began with unpleasant news for Kim that footage from her previous intimate tape with Ray J could appear on the network. Kim even hired a lawyer to try to sort out the case. With only 10 hours left before the start of the show, Kim called her mother, Kris Jenner, and asked her, along with her sister Khloe Kardashian, to come to her room with cameras. Arriving at Kim’s, Chris and Khloe saw Kanye West’s ex-husband there.


“I had to go to Los Angeles and come back. So I just drove over to pick up some stuff for Kim,” Kanye said.
After receiving a hard drive with intimate tapes made in 2002, Kim Kardashian burst into tears, and her family thanked Kanye West for such a noble deed. Kris Jenner hinted that Kanye probably had to pay dearly for the records, to which ex-husband Kim Kardashian replied: “There was no money. Nobody else will ever extort money from us.”

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