Kody Brown Finally Admits: I Failed in My Marriage! I’m a Failure, Okay?!?

Kody Brown appears to be a changed man.



For at least a few recent seconds, at least.

The father of 18, who has anchored the TLC reality show Sister Wives for 16 seasons now, filmed a Cameo video for a fan that paid for his services a few days ago.

For reasons that defy comprehension, this individual asked Kody for advice on being married… despite the fact that one spouse just left the star last year and despite the fact that Kody practices polygamy.

He doesn’t exactly have the typical experience with this type of relationship as pretty much every other committed man in America.

And yet, as Kody himself said in response to the question, “if you string mine out, next to each other, I’ve got nearly 100 years of experience in marriage.”

Christine Reacts to Kody

This is only partially true, of course.

Kody is legally married to Robyn Brown, but only spiritually married to Meri and Janelle, neither of whom seem especially pleased with their quasi husband these days.

On the Sister Wives Season 16 one-on-one tell-all special, Kody seemed to blame his romantic woes with Meri on her alleged attempt to cheat on him back in 2015… when she got catfished by a stranger online.

Meri had an affair,” Kody said on this episode of the show. “She was leaving my ass. She made it clear to everybody that she was getting out of there. She was done with us.”

Kody and Janelle Brown on Air

Doesn’t sound like someone familiar with the concept of personal responsibility, does it?

Not back then.

However, in this new Cameo footage, Kody actually confesses to a “few failures here and there” in the love department.

Brown also tells this user that it’s vital to talk about issues that “bug” you with your significant other, even saying at one point that if you “don’t communicate, your marriage can’t survive… at least mine haven’t.”

Kody Brown on a Sister Wives Episode

This is probably the closest Kody will ever come to admitting that he isn’t perfect.

In his defense, we suppose, communication has never really been Kody’s problem with Christine (who walked out on him in November), Meri or Janelle.

He’s been pretty darn open with each of his spouses, coming right out on the aforementioned special and saying there’s “no chance” he’ll ever go to bed with Meri again because “we’re just friends.”

Kody and Meri haven’t slept together in 10 years, and Kody hasn’t given Meri any reason to think they’ll ever do so again.

Kody Brown Goes Deep

“I miss emotional intimacy with him. I miss conversations with him. I miss physical intimacy with him,” Meri said on part one of the Season 16 tell-all, adding:

“I would love it if he would hold my hand.

“I have hope that he will [come back to full fellowship] and also if he never does then I’m going to create my own peace and happiness within the family relationships that I do have.

“This is my family.”

Kody Brown at the Reunion

So there you have it.

Kody Brown knows he’s been a failure as a husband at times.

He’s candid about it these days.

Does he have any plans to change, however?

That’s the question… and we’re all know the answer, don’t we?

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