Victoria Larson shares quote about not being liked 

Victoria Larson latest post appears to relate to her polarizing reputation on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Larson gained notoriety as a villain on The Bachelor Season 25.

Victoria’s declaration of being a queen and her mean girl antics put a bad taste in many’s mouths, but the Bachelor Nation star has insisted she was inaccurately portrayed.

With her sullied reputation, Victoria shared a quote about learning to embrace not being liked.

Victoria Larson learns to accept not being liked by others

Victoria Larson has been outspoken about her frustrations with The Bachelor franchise and the way she was made out to be a villain.  

Recently, Victoria admitted that she hates The Bachelor producers, especially because, even long after her seasons on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise wrapped, she still receives hate from people in public and online. 

Having aired out her issues with the franchise, Victoria has now shared another quote on her Instagram stories that appears to connect to her tumultuous experience with the show and her polarizing persona and reputation. 

The quote read, “You absolutely HAVE to become ok with not being liked. No matter how loving or kind you are, you will never people please your way into collective acceptance. You could be a whole ray of sunshine and people will hate you cuz they’re used to rain. Be ok with shining regardless.” 

Victoria Larson's Instagram story
Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

Why was Victoria Larson hated on The Bachelor? 

Victoria has learned all too well what it’s like to be disliked, as she butted heads with several women on The Bachelor Season 25. 

Many women from The Bachelor Season 25 were accused of being mean girls, with Victoria being one of the main instigators of petty drama. Viewers bashed Victoria for both her behavior and appearance as she became hated for having what appeared to be an unhinged arrogance.

Some of Victoria’s actions that led to her being disliked included talking down about other women, picking unnecessary fights, and even taking another woman’s crown off her head because Victoria believed she was the only ‘queen’ in the house. 

Victoria’s over-the-top antics on Matt James’ season were off-putting to both costars and viewers, but Victoria has suggested that much of her behavior was prompted by producers. 

Likely, Victoria won’t be returning to The Bachelor franchise, but Victoria has shared that she’d be open to going on other reality shows. 

Would you like to see Victoria Larson return to reality television?

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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