What the OnePlus 10 Ultra could bring to the table

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OnePlus’ smartphone launch strategy for the year 2022 has largely been quite confusing. At first, the company launched the only “Pro” variant of its OnePlus 10 series. And the 10 Pro, too, was only available in China before making it to the global markets last month.

When taking a look at the Nord series, the company is rumored to launch the Nord 2T smartphone this month. But, alongside the Nord 2T, the company is also (reportedly) working on the Nord 3 for launch later in July 2022 — only a couple of months after the Nord 2T will be introduced. Overall, it’s safe to say that it’s been hard keeping track of the OnePlus phones this year.


Adding more to the mix, OnePlus is also said to be working on the vanilla OnePlus 10 and OnePlus 10 Ultra smartphones. While we already know a few things about the baseline OnePlus 10 model, not much is known about the OnePlus 10 Ultra. A new leak from tipster Yogesh Brar has now revealed what we could expect from the company’s first-ever Ultra smartphone.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 official teaser Source: Qualcomm Video

Talking about the OnePlus 10 Ultra, Brar says that the OnePlus 10 Ultra has reached the “testing phase.” He says that one of the primary focuses of the OnePlus 10 Ultra would be the improvements in the performance sector. He claims that the 10 Ultra could come with the improved Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chipset, which will reportedly debut next month.

As we have come to know, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 hasn’t been the best chipset from Qualcomm. Even though it features fast performance, multiple reports of the chipset overheating have been reported. Even some of the OnePlus 10 Pro users have reported issues with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The next-generation Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus is said to be based on the 4nm node process design and fix the overheating issues currently faced by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. It is tipped to be manufactured by TSMC and not Samsung Foundry.

Improved Camera Performance

OnePlus 10 Pro Hasselblad camera features Source: OnePlus

In addition to the improved performance, the tipster says that the OnePlus 10 Ultra will also offer improved camera performance. Though Brar hasn’t explicitly revealed the camera specs as of now, the tipster has revealed that the 10 Ultra’s “focus will be on the camera, “. Not that the OnePlus 10 Pro had bad cameras. Our own Jaime was quite impressed by the camera performance of the OnePlus 10 Pro. Here’s what he said about the camera of the OnePlus 10 Pro in his review:

” […] I feel the whole collaboration for color tuning has gone from inconsistent to pretty good. […] Even if these aren’t massive sensors, separation and depth of field are great. No need for focus mode. Even detail is well preserved, regardless of the loss of megapixels. Guys, I know it took eight years, but we finally get great photos from a OnePlus phone.”

But it seems like OnePlus is planning to take it up a notch with the OnePlus 10 Ultra. Even though we still don’t know what the improvements will be, Brar has previously revealed that the 10 Ultra could make use of OPPO’s MariSilicon chip for better image processing. Earlier this year, a leak also showcased the alleged design of the OnePlus 10 Ultra. The design leaked showed us that the OnePlus 10 Ultra could come with a Galaxy S22 Ultra-like periscope zoom lens. These are some of the improvements the OnePlus 10 Ultra could offer, but nothing is confirmed as of now.

Apart from camera and chip upgrades, other specs, including the display, battery, charging speed, etc., are still unknown. In case you’re looking to buy a smartphone right now, the OnePlus 10 Pro provides a great Android experience. For those waiting for the OnePlus 10 Ultra, don’t hold your breath. The first OnePlus Ultra smartphone is not expected to debut before the month of August or September this year (is OnePlus trying to take on Apple with this launch window?), so we’re still months away from an official reveal, and there’s a lot to leak in the meantime.

What are your expectations from the OnePlus 10 Ultra? Let us know in the comments section below!

OnePlus 10 Pro Volcanic Black Product Image

OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus 10 Pro ships with a 6.7-inch QHD+ display that uses a 2nd generation LTPO panel. It also features the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and aims to deliver a unique camera experience with a 150-degree Ultrawide camera and implementations from the second year of the Hasselblad partnership. For $899, it offers capable hardware that can hold its own in the sea of flagship smartphones.

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