Amber Heard used the Johnny Depp scandal to promote herself in Aquaman

Amber Heard used the Johnny Depp scandal to promote herself in Aquaman .

The ex-wife of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard used the scandal for their own personal purposes, including indirect advertising of her character in the film adaptation of DC Comics” Aquaman. ” Such a conclusion can be drawn from the testimony of Terence Dougherty, General Counsel and CEO of ACLU, with which the actress collaborated.

According to him, the publication of the article about domestic violence, which gave rise to litigation, was accidental, as was the time of its publication shortly before the release of the Warner Bros. film. The witness noted that Hurd worked directly with the human rights organization on what the article would say, where it would be published, and when it would be released.

“Posting articles on issues like this is bread and butter for the ACLU,” Dougherty explained in a video shown to jurors in a Fairfax, Virginia courtroom. He also said that the decision to publish the article in the Washington Post was taken by the ACLU. The organization sent an email to editor Michael Larabee. The email, which was read out in court, said: “Hi Michael, I wonder if we can interest you in an article by Amber Heard, who, as you may remember, was beaten up during her brief marriage to Johnny Depp.”

Depp’s lawyer drew attention to a snippet that said, “the goal is to get the story out this week to capitalize on the huge Aquaman campaign.” Dougherty replied to the lawyer: “I remember there was talk about the optimal time for publishing the article.” He confirmed that Heard had agreed that the column should be published shortly before the film’s release.


In addition, Dougherty stated that, so far, Heard has not been able to pay half of the fee promised by the ACLU for services.

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