Big-Name Streamer Sykkuno Ditched Twitch Partly Because It Misspelled His Name

Sykkuno (YouTube)

After sharing some stats about his Twitch performance—he was the 28th highest-earning streamer and the 45th most-followed streamer of all time—he then threw up an email the company had sent him on screen, which showed an apparent Twitch spokesperson spelling his name as “Sukkuno.” You can almost feel the embarrassment emanating from Sykkuno as he discussed the email. He was so shook that he messaged folks asking if it was a phishing scam because he couldn’t believe Twitch would do that to his name.

“Maybe I have too big an ego or something, but I was shocked,” Sykkuno said during the livestream. “I legit thought I was getting scammed. I was afraid to click this email because I was like, ‘Am I about to get a virus?’”

There was some levity, with Sykkuno joking a bit about the unfortunate misspelling, but he wrapped the segment up by expressing just how unappreciated Twitch made him feel. Notably, Sykkuno’s move comes during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, during which Twitch is supposed to be “celebrating and recognizing” the huge impact AAPI streamers have had, not just on Twitch but on gaming culture as a whole. Sykkuno’s an American of Chinese and Vietnamese descent, and misspelling his name, even if it isn’t his real name, seems pretty careless. It’s no wonder he felt unappreciated, especially as anti-Asian sentiment ramps up worldwide but particularly in the U.S. due to the ongoing pandemic.


Kotaku has reached out to Sykkuno and Twitch for comment.


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