Ganyru 2 Patch Improves Frame Rate Issues On Switch

Image: Nintendo Life / Damien McFerran

Ganyru 2 – Hakuma Kojiro recently launched on the Switch, and although its Shinobi-style retro-flavoured action showed plenty of promise, its release was undoubtedly tainted by some severe frame rate issues. In our own review of the game, we stated that “itโ€™s so confusing a technical train wreck that we can barely make sense of why it’s been released in this condition”. Although we thought the game had potential to be a commendable entry to the action-arcade genre โ€” and a worthy follow up to Visco Corporation’s 1999 Neo Geo original โ€” we ultimately awarded it a 4/10 in its launch state.

However, publisher Pixelheart recently announced a new patch for Ganryu 2 that looks to improve frame rate issues, particularly on the Switch version. According to patch notes, it also rebalances the difficulty and fixes minor bugs within the game:

The patch is live now, so if you’re currently sitting on this game while you wait for some fixes to become available, now might be the time to dive in.

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Will you be digging into Ganyru 2 now that the frame rate has been patched, or have first impressions put you off for good? Let us know in the comments below if this patch fixes all the issues.

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