Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick slammed for editing her body in smoking hot bikini pic

Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick gets called out for editing her photo too much. Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick is no stranger to plastic surgery.

She’s openly admitted to her followers that she’s had several procedures done to her face and body.

Her cosmetic work includes breast augmentation, a Brazilian butt-lift, botox and fillers, and most recently, a nose job.

Angelina has never tried to hide the fact that she likes to get work done and has even shared that she prefers it to working out.

Despite all of the work she has done to enhance her appearance, it seems that Angelina likes to edit and use filters on her photos.

After she posted a sizzling photo flaunting her body in a bikini, haters are slamming her for editing the photo too much.

Jersey Shore critics slam Angelina Pivarnick for over-editing new bikini pic

Angelina recently shared some photos where she’s shown off some skin to flaunt her toned body.

Her most recent post is no exception as she posed standing in front of a pool in Miami Beach at night time.

She stood with her hands up, touching her hair, with her long locks cascading over her shoulders. Her silhouette was up against a backdrop of skyscrapers lit up behind her.

She donned a brown and black string bikini, and her flat stomach and toned legs were on full display.

She captioned the photo credited to Tedtography and wrote, “Bring me back to Miami please.”

Even though Angelina looked trim, some haters in her comment section couldn’t get over what they thought to be too much editing of the picture.

One critic wrote, “Ummmmmmm….its a little much girl on the editing.”

Others shared similar sentiments and chimed in to share their opinion.

One person noted that her “left leg is wonky af.”

Another added, “It’s way way way [too] smothered over also.”

A separate commenter said, “She doesn’t look like this.”

As a final person thought her “legs look so weird.”

Haters think Angelina edited her pic too much.
Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick tells the haters she doesn’t need filters

Angelina’s recent photo isn’t the first time people have come after her for editing her pictures.

Fans recently called her out for using filters in her photos where she looks like a clone of reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Angelina clearly has no shame in admitting to the edits she makes, as she recently spoke out about the hate she was receiving.

She shared that she doesn’t use filters because she needs to, but she does it because she wants to.

She then proved to the haters that she didn’t need filters to look good as she posted an unedited picture of herself to her Instagram stories.

Angelina stands up to her critics.
Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

Filters or not, Angelina keeps it real with her followers and is not ashamed to admit when she alters her appearance, whether that’s through cosmetic procedures or the photos she shares.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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