Mackenzie Standifer Mocked By Fans For Sudden Weight Loss: Your Head Looks So Big!

It’s been over a year since Ryan Edwards and his family were fired from MTV, but Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie Standifer remains as popular as ever.

Throughout Edwards’ many arrests and struggles with addiction, Mackenzie stuck by his side, but refused to put up with his crap.

Her resilience and no-nonsense attitude won her a sizable fan base, and she continues to enjoy a massive following on Instagram.

That following enables Mackenzie to earn extra income from sponsored content posts —  but it has its downsides, as well.

Mackenzie is rocking a new look these days, and while commenters have mostly been complimentary, there are always a few haters in the bunch.

The most common complaint is that Standifer is “unrecognizable” after shedding a few pounds and dyeing her hair black.

That’s obviously a bit of a stretch, but since when are internet commenters concerned with truth and accuracy?

Mackenzie Standifer Has Dark Hair

Others have complained that Standifer is trying to look like Chelsea Houska, who apparently has a monopoly on dark hair.

Fortunately, Mackenzie seems to be taking this criticism in stride.

The trash-talk from strangers hasn’t prevented her from living her best life, continuing to build her brand, or posting photos that showcase her new aesthetic.

Mackenzie Standifer Has Black Hair

“Midday Monday thoughts: None. Brain is already full for the week. Anybody else feel me on that,” Mackenzie captioned the above photo, which she posted earlier this week.

Sadly, as usual, the haters were out in full force.

“You are gorgeous just don’t lose any more weight. Your head is looking so big now. Stop & eat please,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Mackenzie Standifer Sells Shoes

“She looks unrecognizable. If someone hadn’t said who this is, I wouldn’t know,” another added.

“I seriously can’t believe she’s only 25. This look, hair, and fashion (maybe some work done or weight loss, even) ages her so much,” a third rather cruelly chimed in.

“It’s like her body shrunk but her head stayed the same size,” a fourth person observed.

Chelsea Houska In Napa

And then there were the bizarre claims that Standifer has an unhealthy obsession with emulating Chelsea Houska (above).

Things started out innocently enough, with one commenter writing:

“I thought it was Chelsea for a sec.”

Mackenzie Works Out

But then, as is so often the case, on social media, the comments became unnecessarily mean.

“I thought it was Chelsea for a sec,” one person wrote.

“ version of Chelsea,” a random hater mused.

“Are you trying to look like Chelsea? Really? Give it up!” a third person insisted.

Mackenzie Standifer Looks Different

“Why are you trying to look like Chelsea? Weird,” a fourth commenter observed.

As we said earlier, it doesn’t look as though Mackenzie is terribly bothered by remarks of this nature, but that’s no reason that anyone should continue hurling that sort of criticism at her.

The woman has been through an awful lot — much of it in front of TV cameras — and she’s maintained a positive attitude through it all.

Sadly, these days, she’s experiencing the worst of both worlds — all of the scrutiny that accompanies reality TV fame, with none of the money.

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