Pokémon Go’s big summer European meet-up detailed

Pokémon Go maker Niantic has announced details of the game’s big European summer meetup, which is set to take place this year in Berlin.

Tickets for Pokémon Go Fest: Berlin have also now gone on sale – including the usual Early Access option as well as some new and pricey extras which pop up as you complete your purchase.

For example, you can pay an extra €10 for the Raid Lover bolt-on, which gives you 12 in-person raid passes and some extra items and XP rewards. You can also pay an extra €10 for the Critical Hatch! bolt-on, which grants you 1/4 egg hatching distance, plus extra XP and other bonuses for hatching eggs.

Pokémon Go recently revamped its Mega Evolution.

This means the most expensive option – an Early Access ticket with the Raid Lover and Critical Hatch bolt-ons – will cost you €52.24 (£44.48). The cheapest option – a standard admission ticket – costs half of that: €24.99 (£21.28).

This year is the first time a Pokémon Go event has been held in Berlin – traditionally, the western city of Dortmund has been the game’s European home. Of course, ticket prices do not include the costs fans will likely pay for travel and accomodation.

So, what do you get for your money? Well, Go Fest’s standout feature has always been its real-world habitats – physical structures built and themed to look like in-game biomes. As you explore these, built in Berlin’s Britzer Garten park, you’ll catch appropriate-typed Pokémon.

This includes rare species such as Cranidos, plus regional-exclusives such as Panpour, Pansage and Pansear, the latter of which will be Shiny-possible for the first time. Shiny Foongus will also debut.

The event’s exclusive questline will lead to another debut: the Mythical creature Shaymin in its Sky Forme. (This summer’s ticketed Go Fest events you can play anywhere, which have already been detailed, will feature Shaymin in its Land Forme.)

Other typical features include areas to meet up and trade or battle other players, and buy exclusive merch.

Pokémon Go Fest: Berlin will run from 1st to 3rd July – your ticket will get you access to your day of choice (while tickets last) though bonuses from the event’s bolt-ons will last the full event weekend.

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