Shining Elle Fanning in a vintage dress at the premiere in Los Angeles

Shining Elle Fanning in a vintage dress at the premiere in Los Angeles. The star of the “Great” relies on haute couture and oriental motifs.

The Plainville Girl drama miniseries premiered in Los Angeles yesterday, starring Elle Fanning as executive producer and starring as Michelle Carter, a notorious schoolgirl who has a suicidal boyfriend via text message. The plot is established on a true story that happened in Connecticut in 2014.

But in the new show, much more attention is drawn to the real events that formed the basis of the plot. Namely, the first trial in which a person was sentenced to prison for cyberbullying.

At the same time, The Girl from Plainville does not get stuck within the framework of a traditional drama. Instead, the series combines several genres at once, allowing the viewer to feel the experiences and characters of all the characters. That is why it is so interesting to watch.

On July 13, 2014, teenager Conrad Roy III locked himself in a car in a supermarket parking lot, started the petrol pump, and committed suicide by choking on exhaust fumes. The police officers who found him found that the young man had erased all correspondence from the phone, except for the chat with Michelle Carter. The 17-year-old girl lived in the nearby town of Plainville, and they had a long-distance romance that developed.

The star of the series “The Great” appeared at the photocall in a dazzling image that perfectly emphasizes her graceful figure. Elle wore an iridescent vintage Givenchy dress from the couture collection of wide color bands of jacquard satin with oriental-inspired embroidered patterns. The outfit of the actress was complemented by Christian Louboutin sandals, a gold tulip handbag, and large Beladora Jewelry bracelets.

Plainville Girl premieres on Hulu streaming service today, April 29.


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