The wife, Rose Leslie, the star of ‘Game of Thrones,’ spoke about her husband’s struggle with alcoholism.

The wife, Rose Leslie , the star of “Game of Thrones,” spoke about her husband’s struggle with alcoholism. Game of Thrones star Kit Harington ‘s wife opens up about his battle with alcoholism

35-year-old actress Rose Leslie spoke about how her husband, 35-year-old actor, and star of the Game of Thrones series Kit Harington recovered from alcohol addiction. She announced this in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Leslie said that her husband, like her, has been living in sobriety for several years. However, after wrapping up filming on Game of Thrones in 2019, Harington became addicted to alcohol as he said he felt like a terrible person and suffered from depression. Then the actor suspended his film career and went to a rehabilitation center for treatment.

According to Leslie, the main salvation for her husband was the society of anonymous alcoholics. “Alcoholics Anonymous made him feel that he was not alone; he felt heard. And if not for rehabilitation, now he would be in a completely different state,” said the artist.

Harington’s wife noted that neither she nor anyone else could be held responsible for Keith’s behavior. “It depends on him whether he decides to drink again. No one can stop him from doing what he decides to do… I don’t want to put that stress on him. He is responsible for his behavior. I don’t have to protect him from this,” said the actress.


Back in August, Harrington disclosed in discussion with the Sunday Times about the “traumatic” things that were occurring during and after the filming of the hit HBO series, including unhappiness and alcoholism. “I went through some horrible things,” he said. The things that have happened to me since the end of Throne, and the things that have been happening during Throne, have been very painful, including alcohol.

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