Twitch Streamer xQc Claims He Lost Over $1.8 Million Gambling Last Month

Kotaku has reached out to xQc about his gambling losses.

The comments he shared on Pokimane’s podcast spread around the web, and Dexerto ended up reporting on his losses earlier this week. This then spread the news of xQc’s gambling losses even further, and eventually, his dad became concerned. He ended up calling xQc during a live stream on May 2 to ask about the Dexerto article.

“Stop, stop. Nah, yeah, I lost some money yesterday,” answered xQc. “What about it?”

His dad responded with a desperate, “You’re my little boy!”

“Dad, stop reading fucking clickbait articles, man,” the streamer interrupted. “I lose money sometimes. It happens. What’s up?”


After this, his father speaks in French and seemingly asks if he is okay. xQc says he is and then tells his dad to ask him directly about these things instead of reading it via “clickbait articles.” The phone call ends shortly afterward.

Last year, xQc was one of the bigger streamers who came under fire for his continued online streams showcasing his gambling in crypto on sites like Stake and DuelBits. Many have questioned if these streams should be allowed on Twitch and fear that younger viewers may begin gambling online themselves, but without the millions of dollars that Twitch stars like xQc have which help to cushion the inevitable losses that follow.


xQc has yet to comment publicly about the losses or the phone call with his father, with his last tweet posted on May 1 explaining he’s taking some time to “RESET AND CHILL.”


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