Angelina Jolie arrived in Lviv actress spotted in a coffee shop

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie arrived in Ukrainian Lviv; she was filmed in one of the city cafes by local residents. The video is published by “Moscow Says” on the Telegram channel.

It is known that the actress deals with refugee issues at the UN. After the beginning of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Jolie announced her desire to provide any assistance to Ukrainians who left their homes.

In 2001, the actress has proclaimed a Goodwill Ambassador of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; in 2005, Jolie was awarded the UN Humanitarian Prize.

According to Kozytskiy, Julie arrived at Lviv’s Central Railway Station and met with Ukrainian volunteers who were providing medical assistance and counseling to newcomers.

“This visit was a surprise for all of us,” he wrote. Many who saw Ms. Julie in the Lviv area could not believe that it really belonged to them. But since February 24, Ukraine has shown the world that there are so many incredible things.

On April 20, it became known that more than five million people left Ukraine after February 24, when a special military operation began. More than 2.8 million of them moved to Poland, 757 thousand – to Romania, 550 thousand – to Russia.

More than five million people had fled Ukraine since February 24, when Russia launched a special military operation on the territory of the republic. It is reported with the data of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

The number of refugees was 5,031,306. More than 2.8 million of them went to Poland, 757 thousand to Romania, and 550 thousand to Russia.


Another 471,000 refugees ended up in Hungary, almost 427,000 people in Moldova, and 343,000 in Slovakia.

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