Ava Max released the video ‘Maybe You’re The Problem.’ This is the first single from her upcoming second album of the singer

Ava Max released the video “Maybe You’re The Problem.”
This is the first single from her upcoming second album of the singer.

Ava Max shared the first track of 2022, “Maybe You’re The Problem.” Like other works of the singer, this is a bright pop song with a catchy chorus, reminiscent of the 1980s and 2010s at the same time.

Ava Max also presented the video “Maybe You’re The Problem,” directed by the legendary video maker Joseph Kahn, who had already worked with Max on the video “Torn.” The Torn video was directed by video director Taylor Swift. The song should be included in the singer’s debut album. In the new video, the singer changed her image, got rid of her trademark “asymmetrical” hairstyle, and dyed her hair red.

Maybe You’re The Problem” is the pointer single from Ava Max’s forthcoming second LP, the tag and release date of which have yet to be revealed. One of the producers of the track was Jonas Yeberg, who had a hand in the hits of Selena Gomez, Panic! At The Disco, and Fifth Harmony.

Ava Max’s first and only album “Heaven & Hell” was released in September 2020. Ava Max’s long-awaited debut album “Heaven & Hell” is a gift for those who miss pop music in its purest form, those who like to dance to catchy tunes and sing along with them at the top of their voices. Not too elegant? Maybe. But this kind of music has been lacking for a very long time. In 2021, she released the tracks “Every time I Cry” and “The Motto,” a duet with DJ Tiesto. “The Motto” turned out to be very successful: the track entered the top 10 charts in many countries, including the Russian TopHit.

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