Britney Spears Bares Glorious Body (Except Her Baby Bump) in Eye-Popping Display

Britney Spears has been periodically stepping back from Instagram in between pregnancy updates.

Some things are private, and sometimes massive public scrutiny can be a lot to deal with.

Britney has treated fans to a brand new look at her, however.

While she’s creatively hiding her baby bump, that’s all that she’s covering — because she’s not wearing a stitch of clothing.

Britney Spears kept the caption of this eye-popping photo short and sweet.

“Sawyer!” she wrote alongside a short string of emojis.

She is of course reminding everyone of the name of her dog, an Australian Shepherd, though this sweet puppy was not the focus of everyone’s attention.

Britney Spears Models a Flirtatious Red Dress

Instead, people were pretty taken in by Britney’s body.

Sawyer’s presence covers the front of Britney’s torso, from her baby bump to her boobs — keeping this Instagram appropriate.

She used one simple heart emoji to hide just a whisper of her butt (there are entire Instagram accounts dedicated to butts, but she’s playing it safe).

Britney Is on Vacation

Britney’s body is looking glorious.

In addition to some careful censorship, Britney is also hiding her baby bump from fans.

As we know, Britney first discovered that she was pregnant when a “food baby” turned out to not be the result of food.

Britney Spears IG pregnancy announcement

In addition to the eye-popping puppy photo, Britney also re-shared a graphic with a piece of tongue-in-cheek advice.

“If you love someone, set them free,” the post began. “If you hate someone, set them free.”

The post explained: “Basically, set everyone free. People are stupid. Get a dog.”

Britney Spears IG - set everyone free and get a dog

Britney is well known for her love of her dogs.

(Honestly, in general, it’s more newsworthy when a celebrity hates dogs — like with cats and babies, it’s just a weird thing to dislike)

What makes this post so eye-catching, of course, is that Britney is in the buff.

Britney Spears' Baby Bump in a White Tied-Off Blouse

Britney’s fans of course flooded her comments with well-deserved praise after seeing her “shaking up the ‘gram as usual,” as one commenter put it.

They praised her body, reiterated congratulations on her engagement and pregnancy announcement.

Many also gave Sawyer a shout-out. We hope that Britney read him the comments, since he is a puppy and tragically cannot read.

Britney Without a Top

There were some comments here and there that decided to strike a negative tone.

Britney seemingly always receives them — in volumes that some people find downright suspicious (including her own mother) — but it may just be the price of fame.

Plus, some people are super weird about pets in general.

Britney Spears Returns from Vacation

Several commenters asked variations of “why is she naked around her dog.”

One has to assume that these individuals either do not have pets, or are the sorts of people who remain fully dressed in their own homes no matter the weather.

Those are fine personal choices to make, but plenty of people refuse to be burdened by clothing when they don’t have to be, and having pets doesn’t change that.

Britney In Polynesia

(Actually, having a cat can change that — claws on bare thighs hurt, so many cat-lovers are condemned to wear pants in their own houses)

Point is, there’s no need to be weird about dogs seeing humans naked. Dogs are, themselves, naked. It’s fine.

Britney looks great, she looks happy, and we continue to wish her the very best.

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