Buy One Apple Accessory and Get Another 30% Off During Amazon’s Latest Sale

When it comes to accessories for Apple products, there is no shortage of great options on the market. You can go just about anywhere these days and find a case for your phone or a cable to charge it, but if you are looking for an official Apple accessory, you’ll have to be willing to shell out a lot more cash for it. Apple’s own cases, chargers and watch bands tend to be pricey, but a lot of people love to have them. This sale at Amazon scores you 30% off any Apple accessory when you buy another one. Simply add two items from this sale to your cart and a 30% discount will automatically appear on the lower priced accessory.

The accessories in this sale work for nearly all of Apple’s latest hardware, including the new iPhone 13 lineup, the Apple Watch Series 7, AirTag and more. There are silicon and leather cases for a variety of iPhone models, Magsafe chargers and wallets, Apple Watch Sports bands in multiple colors and even the 20W USB-C power adapter to help power up all your gear.

You’re going to want to check out the entire sale to figure out which items work best for your current devices. Remember, you need to add two items from this sale page to your cart in order to qualify for the 30% discount.

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