Danica Patrick shares health update one week after breast implant removal

Danica Patrick is doing well after having her breast implants removed. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Former racecar driver Danica Patrick got breast implants in 2014 and decided to have them removed about a week ago.

She has been recording her healing journey through her Instagram posts and Instagram Stories, letting fans know that she’s doing much better.

Even on the day of surgery, Danica let fans know that she was feeling much better and was seeing more color in her complexion, and her dark circles weren’t as heavy as they were before, plus she felt very energetic when she woke up.

Danica shared on Thursday that she had a healthier scalp, natural face oils, and no swollen lymph nodes— noting that “the heal is real” from “breast implant illness.”

Danica Patrick is ‘healing’ after breast implant removal

Danica claims that her healing started within hours after surgery, almost an immediate difference from before. Now a week later, she’s feeling healthy as she starts to ease back into regular life.

Her Instagram Story showed that she was on a plane headed to Miami for a Sky Sports event.

Danica Patrick's Instagram story showing her healthier skin and hair
Pic credit: @danicapatrick/Instagram

Prior to her post this morning, she shared a touching post regarding the reason she got implants and revealed that if she could go back and do it again, she would tell her 32-year-old self not to go through with the procedure.

She admitted, “I wish I could of told this 32 year old girl that boobs won’t make you more perfect or have it all or be more feminine.” She then continued, adding that there were many reasons for getting implants, including social media, filters, unhealed trauma, and the need for emotional work inside.

She concluded this post by saying, “Super grateful to be feeling better so quickly. To be clear, the transparency of the dangers of implants are an issue. I also understand that mastectomy’s require options. However, all I’m saying is, if we don’t have an insecurity issue… any potential risk or danger go away.”

Why did Danica Patrick have her breast implants removed?

Danica had her breast implants removed as she believed that they were giving her health issues and “breast implant illness” or BII. 

She believed the silicone in the implants was poisoning her and told fans in one post that she had issues with heavy metal toxicity, temperature sensitivity, swollen lymph nodes, face swelling, and irregular hormone levels, among many other issues. The root cause seemed to be the breast implants.

She shared with her Instagram followers, “I had cycle irregularity, gained more weight, my hair wasn’t looking healthy at all and my face was a different shape (weird I know). So I went down the rabbit hole to figure it out. I did every test that could be done.”

She added, “The picture is a snap shot of a couple hours before and a couple hours after,. Within hours after surgery this is what I noticed – my face had more color and less dark circles (no food before the second pic), my face started producing oil again, I could take a 30% deeper breath into my chest already, and I had so much energy when I woke up.” 

Danica is another celebrity who decided to have her breast implants removed and is feeling better without them.

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