Jacob Roloff Confuses Fans with Cryptic Tweet About the Family Farm

Did Jacob Roloff just let the cat out of the bag?

Or, to be more accurate, did Jacob Roloff just let the horse out of the barn?

A few days ago, the former reality star left followers very confused when he Tweeted a message that implied his family farm was up for sale.

“Me preparing the farm for sale: yes… haha hell yeah!” wrote the ex-Little People, Big World cast member, having a pretend conversation with himself.

Roloff then added:

“Me realizing the farm is for sale: well, this sucks, what the f-ck?”

The implication here appears to be that Jacob’s dad, Matt, has put the property on the market — and Jacob isn’t overly psyched about someone else owning the land on which he was raised.

Jacob Roloff farm question

Jacob deleted this Tweet not long after it went viral… which is unusual for the 25-year old.

Never one to back down from sharing his opinion, Jacob recently hurled all his loved ones under a bus.

“Did I screw up not selling my soul for TV & ad money?” asked Roloff late last month, referring, we assume, to his decision to leave Little People, Big World in 2016 and addingg:

“Hope not lots of laughs, but rent is too damn high, and I work too damn much.”

Jacob Roloff crush

Back to the farm, though:

Matt and his ex-wife, Amy, brought up their four children while running this tourist attraction.

In 2019, years after the couple split, Amy sold her portion of the property to Matt and moved about 15 minutes away.

There’s been chatter almost ever since that Matt was planning to retire and move to Arizona with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

At Roloff Farms

The problem, however, is that Matt hasn’t been able to settle on a deal with any of his kids.

Audrey Roloff wrote a bitter message on Instagram several months ago about how she and husband Jeremy won’t be taking over the farm.

Zach and Tori Roloff moved into a new home last year, with the latter also confirming that the pair won’t be buying the lot off of her father-in-law.

By the looks of a trailer for upcoming episodes of Little People, Big World (below), this lack of an agreement will stir up a lot of tension between Zach and Matt, too. 

“He didn’t come in to negotiate. He came in to demand,” Matt says in the above video of Zach.

“Do you wanna make money off your own family? Or do you want this legacy you’ve preached about for 10 years?” Zach later says in a confessional, referring to his father and, apparently, his unexpected greed.

Yikes, huh?

With Zach and Jeremy seemingly out of the picture as future farm owners, this has left Jacob as the only son standing.

Matt and Jacob Roloff

“We haven’t settled what we’re going to do with the farm. It’s all being discussed actively,” Matt told curious followers in May 2021.

Not long afterward, a social media user asked: “Is Jacob the one to get the farmhouse?”

Yes, a source told The Sun.

Someday, that is.

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock and Dogs

“Matt would prefer Jacob and wife Isabel to take over the farm but he’s not sure they are on board at the moment,” an insider told this outlet awhile ago.

“Matt is on good terms with all his sons…but the situation of who will take over the farm is still an issue yet to be resolved.

“He is the youngest son but Matt knows Jacob has potential, they are on the farm a lot, and Matt thinks this is a good way to teach him a lot of things he needs to learn.”

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