Jenelle Evans Loses Endorsement Deal, Screams at Haters: STOP TRYING TO CANCEL ME!

Jenelle Evans is sick and tired… and she’s not gonna sit back and take it any longer.

The former Teen Mom star posted a series of Instagram Story updates this week, almost all of which referred to some sort of endorsement deal she just lost out on.

In these posts, Evans let her (dozen or so) fans know that “she’s been very upset,” due to her haters having “a huge deal cancel on me.”

Jenelle went on to say that this axed deal was worth a f-ck ton of money and would have been “security” for her family… which includes her often-violent husband David Eason; daughter Ensley and; son Kaiser, all of whom live wiith Evans in North Carolina.

The loss of potential business opportunities has been a consistent theme for Jenelle for several months now.

She got fired by MTV in 2019, of course, after Child Protective Services took her kids away for a few weeks in the wake of David Eason shooting and killing the family dog.

In 2020, she failed at launching a cosmetics line.

Then, about a yearr ago, Evans got let go from a podcast (before any episodes even aired!) that she had been promoting endlessly online.

Jenelle Evans in a Video

As for this latest venture?

According to The Ashley Reality Roundup, Jenelle recently lost her deal with cell phone case company Casetify, which often works with so-called influencers to create special cases for their fans and followers.

Evans did one video to promote the company about a week ago, but the company has since erased any and all references to Jenelle on their social media and website.

We can’t verify the reason behind the company’s decision — but it’s safe to assume plenty of critics complained, given Jenelle’s history of being generally awful, angry, violent and racist.

Jenelle Evans cell phone

“This was one of the biggest deals Jenelle had gotten in a long time,” a source tells The Ashley.

“It was worth a lot of money, and it was going to be consistent money, because they had ordered a consistent stream of videos from Jenelle that would have paid out for months.

“They cancelled it all after Jenelle’s first video caused them to get so much hate online.

“They even unfollowed her on Instagram because they don’t want to have association with her.”

Jenelle Evans Cries and Cries

In response to this deal falling through, Evans uploaded a video to YouTube simply titled “Depressed.”

“Sorry, I have my sunglasses on because I’ve been crying,” she says early on in the footage, sniffling and continuing as follows:

“I’m trying to, like, move on and, like, focus on the positive in life and not focus on the negative.”

She then cites a “group of haters” that have organized a “hate campaign” against her.

jenelle in glasses

Evans proceeds to cry even harder in this video, lamenting all the money-making opportunities that these supposed haters have conspired to get canceled.

“It was really nice to get that security,” she says of the recent promotional deal gone bad, later adding of the aforementioned company:

“I was workin’ with a big brand, and we both agreed upon like a six-month brand deal and I worked sooo hard on the first video and posted it. That was job security and security for my family and income.”

To be clear, The Ashley reports that Evans will be paid for this one video.

Jenelle Evans on Video

Not exactly self aware, Evans thinks that her name has “been so tarnished from being on MTV,” as opposed to blaming her own actions and/or those of her bigoted husband in any way.

The mother of three claims the trolls are now using that pesky dog shooting and CPS hearings against her, running and telling the companies she’s trying to work with about Jenelle’s past.

She says these things took place “literally 10 years ago or more.”

(Editor’s Note: It was three years ago.)

Jenelle Evans Speaks to Fans

Jenelle ends the video in anger, stating she’s mad she can’t use her name in a “professional way” and blaming her past employer (MTV, we assume) for exploiting her personal issues.

“They only want to use me to their benefit if I’m on drugs or f-cked up!” Jenelle explains.

She then wraps up the video by thanking all of the people who do not chase down any company that hires her, which didn’t take her very long to do.

Because there are only, like, three people who fit this description.

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