Look at Madonna’s daughter in provocative footage of the new advertising shoot

Lourdes Leon became the face of the new collection of the brand MadeMe.

The MadeMe brand makes clothes for those who are passionate about streetwear culture, and although the brand’s collections were released irregularly in the past, MadeMe items are always in demand. This year, the brand demonstrates activity that has never been seen before, regularly launching new products on the market and inviting young stars to shoot promotional campaigns. The heroine of the brand’s latest campaign is Madonna ‘s eldest daughter Lourdes, who tirelessly shocks the public both on social networks and at social events.

On the shooting frames that Lola (that’s what her relatives call Lourdes) posted on her account, the 25-year-old model appeared in very provocative images and poses, which again amazed her subscribers. Also, some photos got the hand of the Star, covered with pink plaster due to a recent injury, but what happened to the girl remained behind the scenes. Subscribers suggested that it was just an accessory for a promotional shoot.

MadeMe designer and founder Erin McGee, a cult figure in the streetwear industry and Chief Development Officer for Supreme for more than 20 years, chose Lola for her new collection. She says Madonna’s daughter reflects the brand’s vision like no other.

“A girl who buys a MadeMe item for herself or simply associates herself with the brand is someone who will do and wear whatever she wants and not follow any trends. She is bold, stylish, and smart. She’s definitely not a fashion victim,” McGee explains.

The Star placed her glottis on display in a more provocative shot as she walked around the bathroom with a friend, wearing nothing but a tiny blue wire bikini.

Lourdes nodded and smiled, with a prominent tattoo on the back of his thigh.


In another photo, Star was seen at the office desk wearing the same yellow dress with one of her legs hanging open as she looked serious for the camera.

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