Meghan Markle wants to ‘change the narrative’ as she and Prince Harry sit down for new interview

Meghan Markle is looking to set the record straight by securing another interview with Oprah. Pic credit: ©

Author Tina Brown released her novel The Palace Papers last month, which gives her perspective on many members of the royal family based on interviews with insiders close to the family, such as employees and staff at Buckingham Palace, as well as her own observations.

The book focuses on many different faces within the family and offers an in-depth perspective about Meghan Markle and the impact she had within the family, as well as how Harry and Meghan leaving impacted the family and the public.

Brown’s observations and comments about Meghan Markle have rubbed the former royal the wrong way, as sources say she is looking to have another interview with Oprah Winfrey to share more of her story and her experience from her time with the royal family.

Meghan Markle contacting Oprah Winfrey for another interview

According to OK!, the claims in Brown’s book “have really gotten under Meghan’s skin,” as many believe Brown took aim at the couple in her book and didn’t have many positive things to say about their departure or actions.

Apparently, Meghan is tired of “negative headlines” and wants “some major damage control” following the release of The Palace Papers. The best way to do this, in Meghan’s eyes, is to have another interview with Oprah to “change the narrative and counter all the negative claims she’s read about herself recently.”

Reportedly, she has already been in contact with Oprah’s people to set something up.

For The Palace Papers, Brown interviewed many, many people who spoke about their experiences with Meghan and Harry and talked about what they’re like as people. Unfortunately, Meghan wasn’t given the most positive reviews.

Meghan Markle slammed in new book

Throughout The Palace Papers, Meghan is accused of “hating every second” of being in Australia and the South Pacific in 2018. It’s even been said that her bad mood impacted Harry’s mood throughout the trip, causing him to be rude or short with the media and press when he was generally friendly with them before. 

The book discusses her attitude at her wedding where she allegedly argued about which tiara she would wear, to which Harry apparently exclaimed, “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.”

There are reports that Meghan was rude to palace staff and treated them as her own immediately. Other members of the royal family were shocked by the way she treated staff members during her time there. 

Although there are many negative things said about Meghan, Brown does note that if it weren’t for Meghan, Harry likely would not have been able to leave the family as he always wanted. Harry has a history of anger issues, especially following Princess Diana’s death, and reportedly always hated the royal family. Meghan’s experience outside of the family gave him a way out

However, Brown does say that Harry was actually “beloved” by the people and “people adored Meghan when she came into the mix,” so their leaving was “actually very, very sad for everybody.” 

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