Mohamed Jbali Resurfaces: Did He Just Shade “Toxic” Ex-Wife Danielle Mullins Jbali?

From desperate singles to married to bitterly divorced to friends, the long, troubled tale of Daniell Mullins and Mohamed Jbali is over.


Mohamed and Danielle’s drama is largely what put 90 Day Fiance on the map, so it may not be that simple.

In a recent post, Mohamed appeared to shade Danielle … and fans wonder what went wrong.

It has been a long, long time since Mohamed Jbali has been active on Instagram.

The 90 Day Fiance alum, who showed up again on The Single Life as he patched things up with his ex-wife, went radio silent on the app more than a year ago.

Thirteen months later, he returned with a vengeance, it seems, posting a series of seemingly bitter Instagram Stories this week.

90 Day The Single Life Mohamed Jbali sits down

One post in particular that Mohamed shared on May 3 was about “toxic” people.

“Their mission is to destroy you slowly,” the post began.

“Tey will lie Non-Stop and create fake hope,” Mohamed added.

Mohamed Jbali Video Chats With His Ex-Wife

Mohamed’s message advised anyone around such a toxic person to “run and never look back.”

The post did not end there.

Mohamed’s ambiguous update ended with a cryptic: “Don’t be sad; you can do better.”

Mohamed Jbali with Facial Hair

That is certainly not bad advice.

But for Mohamed to basically just sit on his Instagram account twiddling his thumbs and then post something so intense … something must be up, right?

And his followers — some of them, at least — think that they know what.

Mohamed Jbali, Texas Selfie

Numerous 90 Day Fiance fans across social media have speculated that Mohamed is referring to Danielle.

No one would dispute that the two had one of the most toxic relationships — before, during, and even after their marriage — in franchise history.

We’re talking about a couple that dealt with body-shaming, scamming, accusations of theft, and at least one attempt to ruin the other’s life.

90 Day The Single Life Danielle Mullins wants a man taller than she is

But … aren’t things good with Mohamed and Danielle?

As recently as February, we heard that things were good.

If they made up in the past, why in the world would either of them sabotage a casual, complicated friendship so bitterly?

Mohamed Jbali Talks: Move to Texas

Maybe they didn’t — maybe Mohamed is talking about something else entirely.

Fans could just be connecting the dots because, well, we don’t really know about other people in Mohamed’s life.

We really haven’t gotten updates on Mohamed’s life recently. Clearly, that’s how he wants it to be.

Danielle Mullins Awaits an Apology

So Mohamed could be talking about a woman in his life. He could be talking about fake friends.

Mohamed could be talking about a work opportunity that fell through, a bad boss, untrustworthy coworkers.

He could be vagueposting about his landlord, a neighbor, or almost anything.

Mohamed Jbali is a Little Frustrated

And yet … Mohamed knows that he’s been off Instagram for ages, and he knows how many eyes are on his account.

He’s been a public figure for half a decade or more.

The guy has to know that people will talk about what he posts, and make connections if he doesn’t provide them.

Mohamed Jbali in His America Hat

There are a lot of unknowns, but Mohamed and Danielle are hopefully on good terms.

Mohamed’s post sounded too personal to be about his ex-wife.

After all, say what you will about what they had when they were married, but it usually takes more love than that marriage ever saw to make someone as bitter as Mohamed seems to feel right now.

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