Nintendo Releases New Introductory Video For Mario Strikers: Battle League

Image: Nintendo

Mario Strikers: Battle League is out next month on the Nintendo Switch and apart from the initial reveal we haven’t seen all that much of this upcoming release. With this in mind, Nintendo has now released an extensive overview trailer for the game – highlighting more of the gameplay, characters, modifications that can be made to the players, and much more.

The catch is it’s all in Japanese. Nintendo normally localises these trailers, but if you just want to see some more footage of the game sooner rather than later, this video that’s close to five minutes is still well worth a look.

The Canada-based developer Next Level Games is once again responsible for this latest entry in the Mario Strikers series. Just last week it was spotted recruiting for future projects via social media and its official website.

What do you think of this latest footage? Will you be picking this one up when it arrives on 10th June? Leave a comment below.

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