Sarah Ferguson wrote the royal motto on fancy lace-up shoes

We know that SARAH FERGUSON is a lover of interesting and non-standard accessories and shoes. The other day, with her appearance, the Duchess “sent” an important message. York came out in a black dress, a red jacket resembling a uniform, and suede loafers embroidered with the main rule of the royal family. One shoe was emblazoned with “Never Complain” and the other “Never Explain. ” This phrase is the unspoken motto of the British crown, which the Queen Mother coined. 

The British royal family has a lengthy custom of avoiding criticism, keeping their heads down, and looking into the distance, especially when it comes to the press. As a result, crises come and go, and people are criticized by the media, who then find themselves another victim,” said royal expert Penny Junor.

In these shoes, Sarah Ferguson appeared in a private club of Oswald members just a day before her wife, Prince Andrew, was deprived of the honorary title. The riot against York began after the settlement of the case of rape of Virginia Giuffre in a pre-trial order. The authorities and members of the Council do not want the city to be famous for the infamous reputation of a rapist prince.

As far as shoes are concerned, these fancy  slippers  are known to be made by Del Tor, an American shoe company that specializes in luxurious evening loafers and moccasins. Shoes are made in Italy, and their price starts from  $400 . Laser engraving or custom patches will cost the client an additional  $40 . By the way, Sarah Ferguson is a big fan of bright shoes. She once appeared in bright pink flats from the British brand French Sole.

This pair was made in the style of “Alice in Wonderland” because, on one shoe, you could see the inscription “Eat me, “and on the other, “Drink me. ” Sarah also loves the print with butterflies and rhinos. But when it comes to bags, Ferguson likes to show off his daughters – Sarah has a shopper from Anya Hindmarch, which depicts the shining faces of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.


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