As ice fields in the Patagonian Andes shrink, the tectonic plates underneath them are simultaneously pushing upward. Researchers found that the heavy glaciers weigh down buoyant sections of mantle; when the ice melts, the ground below springs up rapidly.


The “Blue Blob,” a mysterious patch of frigid water in the northern Atlantic Ocean, appears to have slowed the melt rate of Iceland’s glaciers by up to 50 percent. But experts warn that unimpeded climate change may overcome this cooling effect by the 2050s.


Chimpanzees from the Rekambo community were seen applying crushed insects to their wounds and those of others in the troop, suggesting they might be taking advantage of pharmacological properties.


A 27-year analysis of Norwegian salmon has revealed an abrupt reduction in their body size, beginning in 2005. The decline strongly correlates with a sudden drop in levels of oceanic zooplankton, a crucial food source for the fish.


A dagger forged from meteorite material and found in King Tut’s tomb apparently originated outside Egypt. X-ray analysis suggests the dagger’s metalwork did not match Egyptian metallurgy of the time but was consistent with techniques used in Mitanni, a region overlapping present-day Turkey.


A deluxe version of Songs of Disappearance, an album composed of birdsong from endangered or at-risk Australian species, soared to number two on the country’s music sales charts. The birds rose above Taylor Swift’s latest album, nesting just below the dulcet tones of Korn.