Siesta Key fans blast Sam as ‘childish’ for how he’s acting about his ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy

Fans blast Sam Logan for the way he’s acting after finding out his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key fans are not happy with the way Sam Logan is acting right now.

It was recently revealed that his ex-girlfriend Brittany Russell is pregnant and expecting a baby girl in October with her new boyfriend.

Brittany is the girl who Sam had a long-term relationship with prior to dating Juliette Porter. When a social media gossip page shared the news, he responded and seemed to be supportive but soon after, he deleted the post.

It seems that Sam didn’t stop at deleting his comment as observant fans made note that he appeared to go on an “unfollowing spree” of anyone who mentioned his ex-girlfriend.

Siesta Key fans call Sam Logan ‘childish’ for unfollowing people on social media over ex’s pregnancy news

The gossip page that shared Brittany’s pregnancy news noted that Sam unfollowed their page and told them that he didn’t want to see that type of content any longer.

But it seems that Sam didn’t just stop there.

One fan commented and said that he also unfollowed his friend Lexie Salameh.

While it’s unclear exactly why he might have done that to Lexie, it’s possible that it had something to do with the upcoming episode preview where she sat down and listened to Juliette Porter talk about wanting to move on from him.

Regardless of the reason, fans noticed that Sam had seemingly gone on a tear of unfollowing people, and they found the entire thing “childish.”

A Reddit user shared the commentary from the gossip page, and several people chimed in to share their opinion.

Sam started unfollowing people.
Pic credit: @u/Ok_Enchilada/Reddit

One person said Sam was “such a child,” and they couldn’t believe that he was “so childish” that he unfollowed Lexie as well despite referring to her often as his “little sis.”

A second commenter shared similar sentiments and said that he was “so immature and dramatic.”

A separate fan felt that he couldn’t handle watching his ex-girlfriends move on without him, and they wondered if he would be flaunting girls around over the weekend to avoid facing his problems in a “mature” way.

Fans think Sam is acting like a child.
Pic credit: @u/Ok_Enchilada/Reddit

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan has drama with Meghan Bischoff

It seems that Sam can’t quite get away from the drama these days. The news of Brittany’s pregnancy comes following some type of feud he seems to be involved in with his former flame, Meghan Bischoff.

Fans found out that one of them had blocked the other one on social media, but it was unclear exactly what happened between them. They were spotted hanging out together over the last couple of weeks at Sam’s new Miami home.

Siesta Key viewers aren’t too happy with the way Sam’s been handling things lately, and they’ll have to stay tuned to see what he does next as the drama surrounding him continues to play out.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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