Spotify is shutting down one of its apps this month

Services like Spotify test new features all the time. Sometimes these tests take the form of standalone apps that may or may not remain available for too long. That’s exactly what happened with one of Spotify’s previous tests that involved radio stations. Originally introduced back in 2018, the Spotify Stations app will be closed this month.Users of the app have already received emails that notifies them about Spotify’s decision to shut down Stations on May 16. Tech journo Jared Newman posted on Twitter the email he received from Spotify this week:

Additionally, Spotify responder to 9to5google’s inquires regarding the shut down of Station. Apparently, the reason behind the decision was the fact that the app has become redundant. Since Spotify Stations was launched as a test and now the streaming service offers the same features within its main app. That being said, if you’re looking for Spotify Stations in the Google Play Store, you’re not going to find it any longer.

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