Techno-Alien Shmup ‘Remote Life’ Launches On Switch Later This Month

Indie publisher Ratalaika Games has today announced that it is bringing Next Game Level’s hit Steam shoot ’em up Remote Life to Switch later this month.

Launching on PC back in 2019, and sitting at a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam, Remote Life was created by one person who was inspired to create a shmup with a few of his own twists. As pilot John Leone, you must stop an Alien Hive from invading our planet.

The game touts itself as “…a modern approach of playing a 2D game in space”, and going by the grotesque bosses and structures, we think we agree!

There’s an endless list of features that help bolster out this upcoming shmup port, too, including one of the coolest unlockables we’ve ever seen — models that you can print using a 3D printer! Though we expect that this and the t-shirt printing is just for the Steam release.

Still, we’ve grabbed this list from Steam and want to share it with you anyway, as it also details a plethora of other things that Remote Life brings to the genre:

– Fantastic visual effects.
– 16 amazing missions, each different from each other, which guarantees a great variety of gameplay. Each level is a whole new experience.
– Auto-Saves level progression.
– Great atmosphere and a mysterious story.
– Over 18 weapons.
– A training/tutorial stage that allows you to master the game mechanics before you go through the real missions.
– 3 difficulty levels that you can choose according to your skills and experience.
– Additionally, an I.A. system will analyse your skills and help you with extra lives if this is required.
– 3 Graphics Modes: Choose between HD modern graphics, 8-bit and a 16-bit graphic mode to get the feeling of an old home computer or an arcade cabin.
– 3 Spaceships (and four colours to choose from) + special vehicles.
– A massive number of enemies and no repetitive boring enemy patterns, but enemies with an aggressive I.A.
– Special escort missions. They require great concentration and skills.
– Open-world exploration missions in huge spaces.
– IN-GAME-Bonus: Unlock an art gallery, a video gallery, 3D printable models, cool wallpapers and t-shirt art ready to be printed.
– Special Bonus: Play as an enemy in a cool level and customize your own monster
– One thing is sure: it can’t get boring!
– No micro-transactions, but traditional IN-GAME unlockable Bonuses! No AAA company policies that make the game unplayable. This is how it has to be! Clear, transparent and fair!

There are a ton of shmups on the Switch nowadays, but the positive buzz following its Steam release a few years ago means that Remote Life has our attention. The game launches on 27th May on the Switch eShop and will cost $18.99 / €17.99 / £14.99.

Hop into the comments and let us know if you’re a shmup fan and are thinking of picking this one up!

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