How much is Brooklyn Beckham’s new engagement ring worth

More recently, we wrote about how, while preparing a delicious poke, the newly-made husband of Nikola Peltz accidentally showed his new engagement ring. Brooklyn Beckham is ready to plunge into married life after a high-profile wedding to Nicola Peltz , which cost the family at least  $ 5 million . By the way, the rich heiress obviously should not worry about cooking because her beloved husband is always ready to surprise her with his culinary experiments.

The other day, a young chef published a new  “delicious”  video where he introduced fans to another recipe. But the attention of the audience was rather focused on his hands, or rather, on a new engagement ring with impressive diamonds. Until the long-awaited engagement day with the enviable bride, Brooklyn Beckham was limited to the usual gold jewelry without any extra details. However, after the cherished  “yes,”  his life changed dramatically so that a worthy present became a wonderful birthday present for their happy family. But, of course, many were worried about one question: how much did the ring, studded with diamonds around the perimeter, cost the pair.

The chief operating officer of jewelry company Rare Carat believes the engagement piece appears to have step-cut gemstones that are custom-calibrated for a seamless fit. Needless to say, how much special craftsmanship this process requires, and the ring is probably worth about $40,000. Each diamond is about 0.70 carats in size, as it is the one that can be used for daily wear without discomfort due to its impressive size. Neil Dutta, Managing Director of Angelic Diamonds, estimated the ring much higher and stated that the total weight of the jewelry is 6.5 carats, and the cost is about  $50,000 .

In any case, this serious purchase will remind Brooklyn of that HAPPY April day, when his beloved wife promised the Beckham heir to live with him in sorrow and joy.


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