Katy Perry, in a Mermaid Costume, could not hold on to a chair and fell in front of the Audience

In everyday life, Katy Perry dresses quite simply. A celebrity can be seen in a tracksuit or sweatshirt. But not every star can surpass her stage images. The singer makes eccentric and bright bows that few dare to repeat.

But the other day, the unusual costume of the singer played a cruel joke on her. On Sunday, April 30, a new episode of American Idol was released, where Kathy is a member of the jury. For the broadcast, the singer tried on a new, unusual image – Katie put on the costume of the Little Mermaid from the Disney cartoon “Ariel.” 

The 45-year-old country singer took a moment to remember Judd, who died the day before he was installed into the Country Music Hall of Fame on Saturday when 23-year-old contestant Hunter Girl performed.

While I have the microphone, I want to send prayers for the Judd family because the country music is gone because you’re out here and you’re carrying the country music torch, said Luke, the country music singer. Hunter said to the girl.

The star appeared on stage in a long turquoise skirt imitating a mermaid tail and a purple shell-shaped top. And on the head of the performer flaunted plastic hair of bright red color. In her hands, she held a fork, with which the cartoon character combed her hair. 

Of course, Perry simply could not move independently in such a suit. She was literally rolled out onto the stage and taken to her chair as a member of the jury. Katie was sitting with her tail on the table, but the singer lost her balance and suddenly fell at some point. The rest of the judges helped her up. Katie was not hurt and reacted with humor to this situation. 


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