Pete Davidson mocks Kanye West in new standup, compares him to Mrs. Doubtfire

Pete Davidson smiling on the Netflix red carpet. Pic credit: ©

Pete Davidson took the stage at the Netflix Is A Joke Festival and mocked Kanye West.

The SNL comedian was caught in the middle of the custody drama with Kim Kardashian and Kanye, who accused his ex-wife of not letting him have full access to the kids in a series of social media posts.

The Netflix special was filmed on April 30 this year, and it’s unclear whether Kim Kardashian attended the show at Los Angeles Fonda Theatre.

Ye has continued his social media silence and has pulled out of scheduled appearances such as Coachella.

Pete Davidson compares Kanye West to Ms. Doubtfire

Netflix featured highlights from the comedian’s special, Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends, in which he addresses Kanye West.

The 28-year-old joked about going to Kim’s home and finding Ye dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire.

“Does anybody else secretly hope that Kanye pulls, like, a Mrs. Doubtfire?” Davidson said. “I come home one day and they’re like, ‘This is the new housekeeper.’ And he’s like, ‘What’s up fam!’”

Pete is referencing the 1993 movie where the late Robin Williams’ lead character wears a prosthetic mask and makeup to assume the role of an older female housekeeper.

The character wears the disguise to maintain a relationship with his children after losing a custody battle with his ex-wife.

In a video that was uploaded to Netflix’s YouTube channel, Davidson told the audience he “had a really weird year.”

Since Kardashian filed to divorce West last year, the rapper has made many public appeals attempting to rekindle their relationship.

West then lashed out at Davidson after he went public with Kim in several social media posts, music lyrics, and the music video for his song Eazy where he buries a cartoon version of the Pete alive.

Pete confirms Kanye spread AIDS rumors about him

In January, Hip Hop personality DJ Akademiks claimed that Kanye was spreading rumors that Pete Davidson has AIDS.

The comedian seemingly confirmed the rumor and joked about the rapper accusing him of having a sexually transmitted disease.

“I had an AIDS scare this year. Yeah, I did. And you’re like, ‘Pete, Wow. What’s going on in your life? Are you sharing needles? You’re doing heroin? You have tons of unprotected sex?” Davidson said, continuing:

“No, Kanye told me I had AIDS and he’s a genius. I was like, ‘Oh f**k.’ I better call my doctor. The guy who made College Dropout thinks I have AIDS.”

Davidson said he got an STD test, and it: “turns out I don’t have AIDS. I just look like I have it.”

Pete Davidson’s text exchange with Kanye West leaked in which he taunted the rapper about his relationship with Kim before offering to help him with his issues.

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