Amber Heard Disbands Her PR Team After Johnny Depp’s Testimony

Just a few days before testifying, the actress was upset because of the unflattering headlines in the press and decided to change PR people.

According to a New York Post source, Heard, 36, is outraged by the tone of the media and believes her version of events is not being covered correctly. The actress blames her public relations managers. The day before, it became known that she turned for PR services to new experts from the Shane Communications agency, Los Angeles.

However, perhaps she also decided to play it safe because already this week, the actress will have to testify in a defamation case by her ex-husband, 58-year-old Johnny Depp .

It’s crazy to change a team in the middle of a lawsuit like this just because you don’t like the headlines, notes the insider. After years of litigation, you can’t just change public opinion in three weeks.

Note that since April 19, Depp claims in his testimony that he is a victim of domestic violence –  his attending physician has already provided evidence of injuries  received by the actor in a fit of quarrels with his ex-wife. In addition, the actor makes quite shocking accusations against her: for example, his wife allegedly defecated on their bed after Depp decided to break up with her. After all, the mood on the network changed, and the public began to turn away from Heard. By the way, Daily Mail sources claim that Amber has always been against cameras in court – Depp’s team insisted on this, which contributed to a change in course.


Recall that the life of Johnny Depp changed radically after Heard published an article in 2018 in which she spoke about her husband’s abuse. After a divorce from Amber Heard and loud statements from his ex-wife, Johnny Depp was silent for a long time until he filed a libel suit. The actor demanded a retraction and financial compensation. However, Johnny Depp lost both the first trial and the subsequent appeal. Hurd, in turn, has filed a $100 million countersuit and now, after three weeks of silent waiting in the courtroom, is preparing to fight back, possibly as early as next Wednesday. The trial is expected to come to an end  on May 19 .

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