Bill Gates commented on the divorce from Melinda

Bill Gates commented on the divorce from Melinda. The billionaire spoke about splitting up with his wife after 27 years of being together, saying he felt they had a “great marriage” even a year after their split was announced.

Bill Gates spoke about his divorce from his wife Melinda in a new interview with London’s Sunday Times, published on Sunday, May 1. The 66-year-old Microsoft founder revealed that while he felt the divorce was sad, he still “wouldn’t change the decision to end the marriage” in a new interview, and he didn’t seem to regret the two were together.

Bill has admitted that his marriage to Melinda, 57, has changed since their children moved away, but he doesn’t appear to have any regrets. 

“From my point of view, it was a great marriage. If it were in my power, I wouldn’t change it. I wouldn’t marry anyone else,” he told Us Weekly. 

“I’m talking about whether I marry Melinda again. As for my future, I don’t have any plans, but I strongly recommend getting married.”

The tech entrepreneur said that the terms of the divorce were more about determining how much money each of them would have to donate to charity. 

“We are very happy people. I’m sorry when people have super limited resources under any circumstances. But this is not in our situation. We can be quite generous to children, but the vast majority of the money will go to charity,” he said.

Melinda and Bill Gates comment on their divorce.


Bill and Linda were married from 1994 to May 2021, during which time they had three children: Jennifer, 26, Rory, 22, and Phoebe, 18, for whom the couple will continue to work together to give their best Attention. 

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