Elon musk commented on the purchase of twitter But all the attention was riveted on his mother

Many internet users have been wondering what Elon Musk plans to do with Twitter. The billionaire bought the social network on April 25 for $44 billion, but the businessman decided to answer the exciting question only now.

Elon, who came to the Met Gala-2022 arm in arm with his mother, told journalist La La Anthony that he wanted to make the platform more popular. “My goal is to make Twitter as inclusive as possible and have as many people on it as possible,” said the inventor, who has previously criticized the social network for moderation and lack of freedom of speech. 

However, the long-awaited comment of the businessman was not the most discussed event of the evening. 74-year-old May Musk captured the attention of the public, choosing an elegant look for the event. The woman was dressed in a dark red velvet Dior dress, which she complemented with a Chopard pearl necklace.

Mei has been modeling since the age of 15 and continues to model to this day. In 2010, she posed nude for the cover of Time magazine, and in 2011, she posed as a pregnant woman on the cover of New York magazine.

Mei started modeling at the age of 15. Despite the fact that Musk was told that she would not stay in the fashion industry, the woman devoted more than 50 years to working in the fashion world. “My friends tell me I was famous before Elon was famous,” Musk said.

In her youth, Mae did not consider modeling the main activity, so she went to college to get an education. Mei has two master’s degrees, one in nutrition science and the other in nutritional science.

At 21, Mei entered a beauty pageant and reached the finals of the Miss South Africa competition.


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