Jenelle Evans Joins OnlyFans: Is She Totally Broke?!

It sounds like things are going to well down on the swamp!

Jenelle Evans, believe it or not, has officially gone and joined OnlyFans.

This might not be too difficult for some to believe, considering the fact that Jenelle has been trying to become a big time influencer ever since she got fired from Teen Mom 2 back in 2019.

She’s active on TikTok and Instagram, she started a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs from time to time, and she’s tried her hand at Patreon and Twitch.

But it is an interesting move, considering she’s specifically said that she wouldn’t join the platform in the past.

In September of 2020, Jenelle tweeted “Thank God I’m not on OnlyFans!”, a remark many took as shade towards her arch nemesis Kailyn Lowry, who had recently announced that she’d just started an account.

Jenelle Evans and Her Forehead

“And the only reason why I make any comments about OF is because y’all are being cheated out of money in my opinion,” she wrote then.

“Yeah it seems like it’s the only option for some girls to make money and it’s not. There’s soooo many other easy ways to make bank online.”

Back then, it read to us like she wanted to slam Kailyn for joining a social media platform heavily associated with sex work without making it seem like she was against sex work, which is why she added the bit about the money.

Jenelle is Sad

But apparently none of that matters now anyway, because it’s 2022 and Jenelle has changed her tune.

She made the big announcement on her Instagram story this weekend — she shared a link to her profile and simply wrote “Let’s have a chat … I did it.”

She also shared a video of herself in which she moved her head around a lot while wearing a top that revealed a fair amount of underboob.

Jenelle joins OnlyFans

With that video, she added the link to her profile again with the text “Can’t cancel me here,” which seems to be a reference to her rant from a few days ago.

That rant, which we have to imagine is very relevant to her decision to join OnlyFans, was about how she’d managed to secure a big brand deal, but “haters” contacted the company she was going to work with to complain, causing them to back out.

This is something that’s happened several times over the past few years — every time she gets any kind of endorsement deal, people let whatever brand she’s working with know that she’s a terrible person, and she loses the deal.

Jenelle Evans in TikTok Video

She’s appeared to have gotten fewer and fewer of these kinds of opportunities as time has gone on, so it’s easy to believe that she was excited to get the chance at some steady income for a change, only to have it ripped from her as a consequence of her own actions.

Sucks to be a swamp monster sometimes, you know?

Still, even swamp monsters have bills to pay, so she’s got to make money somewhere.

And so even though she used to think she was above OnlyFans … that’s clearly not the case anymore.

Jenelle Evans Cries and Cries

If you follow the link to her account, you’ll see that she’s currently charging $20 a month for membership, and while we won’t be paying that, a kind soul over on Reddit did.

Thanks to that person, we know that so far, Jenelle has shared a selfie showing even more underboob, another selfie in which she’s wearing a shirt in which her “nips were very present and noticeable,” and a photo of with “a LOT of ass cheek hanging out of some very short shorts going up to the crack of her ass.”

(In case you weren’t aware, it’s very much against OnlyFans terms of service to share photos posted there, so you’re either going to have to be fine with these descriptions or spend the $20.)

Jenelle Is Not a Fan

She’s also receiving several comments of subscribers wanting more sexual content, and right now it does sound like she’s leaning into that a bit.

The thing is that while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Jenelle sharing these kinds of photos and making money from them, it does seem like a really bizarre choice for her.

Besides her previous comments about OnlyFans, it’s pretty hard to believe that David would be comfortable with her sharing these kinds of photos or receiving any kind of lewd comments from other men, and goodness knows that she’s desperate for his approval.

Could it be that they’re desperate enough for money that they’re willing to try this?

Jenelle and David at a Real Farm

It kind of seems that way, doesn’t it?

Whatever is behind the reason for Jenelle’s change of heart, we hope that she’s safe and comfortable with what she’s doing now.

But honestly … it just feels kind of off.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage

What do you think is going on with this?

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