Pokémon: Master Quest Is Now Available On Pokémon TV

If you enjoy watching the Pokémon anime series, you might be interested to know that the Pokémon: Master Quest arc has now been added to the Pokémon TV service.

It’s the fifth season of ‘Pokémon the Series‘ and continues the journey with Ash, Misty and Brock. Here’s some PR:

“This fifth season of Pokémon the Series follows our heroes as they compete in the Whirl Cup competition, confront a villainous Team Rocket scientist, and battle powerful Gym Leaders. Ash even makes it to the Johto League Silver Conference, but can he defeat his old rival Gary Oak? And, of course, there are also loads of Pokémon to be found along the way!”

You can watch Pokémon TV on the web via watch.pokemon.com, via the Pokémon TV mobile app and on the Nintendo Switch.

Will you be checking out the Master Quest series on Pokémon TV? Leave a comment down below.

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