Princess Charlotte is 7! Kate Middleton took new photos of her daughter in an embrace with her beloved dog

No wonder they say that other people’s children grow too fast, especially when it comes to the heirs to the royal throne. It seemed that only recently, the Cambridge couple announced the birth of their beloved daughter, and now on Monday, she is celebrating her 7th birthday. Of course, we all know about KATE MIDDLETON ‘S PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY, so it was the famous mother who took some warm shots on the eve of an important celebration. The wife of Prince William caught her daughter in a lens on a field in Norfolk, where beautiful purple flowers bloomed. The little princess picked up a cute sweater in the color of fresh plants, and her happy smile overshadowed the beauty around her. The delicate look was completed with a white polka-dot shirt, which added a little festive mood to the look.

In one of the pictures, LITTLE CHARLOTTE was accompanied by a family Cocker Spaniel named Orla. The warm and cheerful frame perfectly represents a princess who is not afraid to be a real child. She does not always have to keep a face and follow a strict  royal code  because sometimes you just like to have joy in the fresh grass with your beloved dog. If you didn’t know, Orla is not the first pet in the Cambridge family. William and Kate’s previous dog, NAMED LUPO, was a wedding gift from Kate’s brother, but she passed away in November 2020. The couple announced Lupo’s death in a rather rare personal post:

“He has been the core of our family for the last nine years, and we will miss him very much,” the couple admitted then.

The Cambridge family spends most of their time away from London, at their Norfolk home, ANMER HALL, on the Queen’s estate at Sandringham. In these calm and picturesque places, the Duchess of Cambridge is happy to pick up a camera. In 2017, she accepted an honorary life membership of the Royal Photographic Society, which recognized her “ TALENT AND ENTHUSIASM . ” She regularly shares valuable and, most importantly, sincere shots on the most important days of her loved ones.


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