Teresa Giudice Apologizes to Brother After Ugly Reunion Spat: “I Lost Myself”

Even Teresa Giudice appears to think she’s gone too far.

On Friday, in the face of ongoing criticism over the way she’s acted on air and some of the stuff she’s said to brother Joe Gorga in particular… the veteran Bravo personality issued an apology.

It’s true!

“I am so sorry did not mean that at all there was so much going on during the taping that I lost myself. Love you tons XOXO,” Teresa wrote via Instagram comment on Friday, May 6.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey penned this mea culpa in response to a Wendy Williams Show clip about the recent drama that Gorga had shared on his Instagram page earlier that same afternoon.

“Teresa, where in Jersey, New York, Idaho is ‘bitch boy’ not a bad thing? It’s always a bad thing, especially in New Jersey,” guest host Michael Rapaport said in the footage of Teresa’s reunion jab at her sibling

“Joe Gorga is so important and should be so beloved by everybody, including his sister, to Real Housewives of New Jersey fans…

“Joe Gorga ain’t no bitch boy. Joe Gorga is great for the show.”

teresa and gorga

Giudice has been in the spotlight for most of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 12.

She’s trashed a number of co-stars in response to their questioning of her fiance, Luis Ruelas.

And then she WENT OFF on Gorga during the reunion taping because she felt as if he didn’t properly stand up for Ruelas.

“You gotta stop putting me down,” Joe told Giudice at one point, calling her a moron before he stormed off the set. “Act like a sister.”

Teresa Giudice Via Confessional

On first part of the season 12 reunion special — which aired last week — saw the Celebrity Apprentice alum talked about Joe’s participation in the ladies’ drama, alleging he gets a “little too” involved.

“Andy Cohen asked me a question and I gave my answer,” the mother of four told Us Weekly after this episode was taped.

“So, when I gave my answer, my brother’s like, ‘There you go putting me down.’

“And I’m like, ‘First of all, I would never put my brother down. I love my brother.’”

Teresa Giudice Ponders Life

She added:

“He’s my only sibling. I absolutely adore him. Like, he’s my baby brother [and] no matter what, I’ll always take the fall for him [because] I’m the older sister.

“I’ll take the blame. I don’t care. Blame it on me. … Andy asked me a question, I answered the question.

“It was my opinion and he didn’t like my answer.”

Teresa Giudice ANGRY

Joe wasn’t alone, either.

Following Teresa’s rant?

After she flipped out at Joe and other castmates?

A bunch of Bravo viewers now want to see Teresa Giudice fired.

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