Weekly poll results: the vivo X80 Pro is shaping up to be a winner, the X80 gets lost in its shadow

We have a winner – the vivo X80 Pro convinced 1 in 3 readers to vote in its favor in last week’s poll. That number could double, given the right price. The phone is available only in China right now, but that is changing – the global launch is today (May 8). Last year the X70 Pro launched at ₹47,000 ($630/€545 at the time).

A potential issue for would-be buyers is that vivo tends to focus on the Asian market and doesn’t bring its flagships to all markets that it is present in (e.g. Europe is still looking at the X60 Pro, the X70 Pro is nowhere to be seen half a year later).

Other than that, the sharp 120Hz LTPO AMOLED panel, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Dimensity 9000 chipsets, the custom camera hardware including the 1/1.3” Samsung GNV sensor (50 MP) and vivo V1+ ISP, plus advanced image stabilization, not to mention the fast charging (80W wired, 50W wireless) have their fans.

As far as criticisms go, people complained about the size – a 6.78” display is never going to appeal to everyone. The periscope camera drew some complaints as well, some thought the 5x optical magnification wasn’t enough (wishing for 10x), others said that a higher resolution sensor would have been better (an 8 MP sensor is what the phone has behind its periscope). There were the usual complaints of “no headphone jack” and “no microSD slot”, which are a constant chorus at this point.

As for the vanilla vivo X80, very few were interested in it – 5% voted in its favor, another 5% said “maybe”, contingent on the price.

Despite being 33% cheaper while still offering a Dimensity 9000 chipset and a 120 Hz AMOLED, the cutbacks to the display (FHD+ resolution instead of QHD+, no LTPO panel either) and the camera made the X80 a fairly unpopular option. The discussion in the comments was focused on the Pro model, it is clearly the star of the series.

Finally, the Pro is not the pinnacle of the X80 series – the X80 Pro+ is coming in Q3 of this year. Worth the wait? No way to tell yet, but the X80 Pro is here today and is well liked as it is.

Weekly poll results: the vivo X80 Pro is shaping up to be a winner, the X80 gets lost in its shadow

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