American Idol’s Lady K already had a big booking after elimination

Lady K on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

American Idol has reached the part of the season where great singers are going home because everyone remaining is all great.

Last week, some fantastic singers went home, and one of them was Lady K.

The good news is that she is capitalizing on her American Idol fame and performed at a world-renowned location last night.

Lady K picked up huge opportunity after American Idol elimination

Lady K made it to the top 10 before going home, and she used her popularity from performing on American Idol to pick up a big opportunity.

Lady K performed at B.B. King’s Blues Club in Montgomery, Alabama, on Saturday night.

“Nobody knows that I’m back,” Lady K said the Saturday morning of the show. “Tonight is going to be the first time that anybody knows that I’m back in Montgomery. I’ve only been back for two days. I’ve just been resting and trying to get my mind together … One thing I do miss is being able to sleep in.”

“But now they’re gonna know,” she said.

Lady K also felt that it was a great chance to give back to her fans.

“I’m going to feel alive and loved and well supported, appreciated, and back on fire again,” Lady K said. “I can’t stay off the stage too long.”

Lady K had one of the best stories on American Idol this season

Lady K sang a Katy Perry song in front of Perry herself at her audition and made it to Hollywood Week.

Lady K’s real name is Kezia Istonia. She came from a rough childhood. Her family was poor and did what they could to make it work.

“My mom, myself, and my four brothers and sisters were bound to a dorm, and we had to make that work. I’m the oldest, so I instantly wanted to step up and help out,” Lady K said in her audition tape.

She also saw her brother Papi die by suicide, and she said she wanted her mother to see her on American Idol to give her something positive to remember on top of the negatives.

Now, Lady K is getting her career underway.

Lady K revealed she has an EP for sale, and she asked fans to help her get that album to rise up the charts.

“If y’all ready for a #tour let’s get this album to #1 go stream and download now,” she wrote, along with the image of her album, Time of Your Life.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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