Final Fantasy XIV Mod Drama May Prompt Official HUD Upgrades, Director Says

Square Enix (YouTube)

“It goes without saying that we’re aware of world races for high-end duties,” Yoshida said. “As the developers, we’re proud to have grown into one of the few games where they’re held, and it delights us to see so many players participate as well as spectate with great interest. But a race should be fair, and it’s our earnest wish that participants don’t use third-party tools. Indeed, we’ve only released duties that we have proven can be beaten with the game’s standard features.”


Yoshida added that Square Enix may stop congratulating race-winning teams through official channels should this public recognition “encourage excessive competition and controversy to the extent that players resort to third-party tools.”

Any level of competition will inevitably encourage competitors to look for advantages over their opponents, especially when those advantages are so widespread. Lance Armstrong, for instance, may have become the face of the doping scandal in professional cycling, but he was far from the only person doing it. One could say mods are almost required for any serious group hoping to win one of these Final Fantasy XIV races because they would only put themselves at a disadvantage by abstaining.


In any case, the situation is clearly reaching a boiling point. The recent public outcry, warranted or not, means Final Fantasy XIV mods can no longer exist in the comfortable gray area they’ve occupied for the last several years, at least as far as the world’s first events are concerned. Fortunately, it seems as if Yoshida and his team see this moment as an opportunity for introspection and improvement rather than outright condemnation.


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